Value of the legal advice!

Many people seek legal help at least once in their lives. Legal questions range from assisting in dealing with local, State or Federal government. Business related questions such as drafting a contract or review one prior to signing. Employment contracts can be tedious to read. I always tell my clients to read everything their sign. A criminal or civil litigation representation or even preventative consultation are last but not the least issues that people need legal assistance in; among other things.

First question every attorney gets is “How much will it cost me?”

There are few types of legal fees. They vary based type of the case. For example, some attorneys take contingency fees. Generally, contingency fee is 1/3rd or 33% from the entire disputed amount of the case. Court costs are usually not included. However, parties can agree on different percentages.

Some attorneys charge hourly fees and some offer flat fee arraignment. While there are pricing guidelines, there is no general price set for an actual legal hour. Lawyers’ prices vary depending on location, local custom and office expenses. This is a fair market value price.

The attorney with higher prior experience and/or skill in particular field, which charge more. Size of the firm where the attorney works can also affect the cost. Keep in mind that ethical guidelines forbid attorneys charging contingency fees for criminal and marital cases.

The contents of this and future articles is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal advice. Each individual case is different and the outcome of your case depends upon its circumstances.

Written by Margarita Smirnova, Esq.

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