How to save thousands in legal fees and make your wallet happy!

When the conflict arises, it’s very easy to get emotional and distracted.  It is natural for most people to keep all the events in our heads and practice what we want to say and what we are going to do.  However, we are only human and what’s in our head may not be the best way to store all this information.  In fact, writing down a sequence of the events will most likely than not points to the things that may be missing, out of order or not worded as eloquently as they are in our heads.

What can you do? I would suggest to provide your lawyer a bullet point of facts as they took place.

  • You can always add or move things around.
  • Keeping documents in good form with scanned copies that can be quickly emailed. (I settled a case with one attorney by emailing him a necessary document while on the phone with him). The emails can be screenshot and saved in chronological order.
  • Names of people you think would make good witnesses or experts.

This applies to just about any area of law.  It can make your lawyer’s time cut drastically because discovery is much easier and efficient.  With less time spent on putting the documents together, your lawyer can focus on filling in the gaps and drafting the documents you need.