The U.S. businesses consist of sole proprietorships or various forms of partnerships and corporations.  It’s not unheard of that solo businesses enter business ventures with other businesses.  Due to the tough economy, more and more business partners join business partnerships with each other than before to survive.  A business partnership union can be compared […]

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Dancing is beautiful.  Dancing takes us in a different world full of glamor, feelings, fashion, and a holiday.  People go to learn dancing for various reasons and take different dance classes.  While there are different types of dances, it is important to keep in mind that running a dance studio business is providing service where […]

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Use disclaimers if you want to prevent your e-mail communications from turning into a legally binding contract.

Internet has already changed our lives and how we do business.  A definition of a deal is also evolving!  For better or worse, Massachusetts E-Sign law is changing the way we do transactions today.  A Massachusetts case Feldberg v. Coxall (May 22, 2012) says that an email with an unsigned offer may create a binding […]

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Immigration Law and the Obstacles!

Helping those who do not share American culture and language is an important aspect of the attorney practicing immigration law. Legal system tends to be unclear to an average American. The stakes are high in criminal system where freedom and often times status of life tends to play a major role. It applies to federal and state criminal procedures. The stakes are even higher for those want to enter and/or remain in the country.

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Monitoring of Sensitive Information, Warrants and Legal Response!

In a recent US v. Jones, (January 2012) decision the US Supreme Court held that “the Government’s attachment of the GPS device to the vehicle, and its use of that device to monitor the vehicle’s movements, constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment.”  In Jones, the police obtained the warrant but didn’t quite properly execute […]

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H1b visa and travel clarification

For those who are in the U.S. under the H1b visa, commonly known as work visa, please be aware that even if you have H1b visa it may be expired and you are still legally in the country. However, this form not a visa and may not be used in place of visa. It means […]

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Value of the legal advice!

Many people seek legal help at least once in their lives. Legal questions range from assisting in dealing with local, State or Federal government. Business related questions such as drafting a contract or review one prior to signing. Employment contracts can be tedious to read. I always tell my clients to read everything their sign. […]

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Welcome to the Virtual Law Office

Hi all, I am an attorney and I am licensed to practice law in MA and NY. Currently, I practice law via Virtual Law Office in the Boston area. That means that I can meet with you after work/business hours and in the area near you; reasonably placed. If an office space is required due […]

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